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Idea to iPhone

A fun and easy-to-read guide to creating your first app for the iPhone & iPad. Available now!



It's time to turn your app passions into app fortunes!

Even if programming your TV remote is a major challenge, Idea to iPhone offers an amazing easy-to-follow and time-proven process that will have you creating brilliant apps for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in no time—guaranteed.

Kicking Off Your App Adventure

Discover the eye-opening fact that you have most of the skills needed as well as tricks to getting Apple's attention & the media's, making your app a blockbuster hit.

Shaping Ideas Into Apps People Want

Learn how to make your app positively addictive by molding your idea in an app that people want with all the ingredients to make it go viral.

Design Luxurious and Stunning Apps

If you can draw a circle, you can design an app. This book shows how anyone can create stunning designs by unveiling the secrets to impeccable apps.

Developing and Testing Your App

Discover where to find the best developers and how to gage if they truly are as good as they say. Find out how to get your app developed on budget and schedule.

Raising the Curtains and Going Live

The secrets behind a launch that catches the media’s (and Apple’s) attention and gets your app off to a great start climbing the charts and a simple plan to all the technical hurdles of submitting your app.

Promoting Your App and Making a Profit

Teaches you how to leverage the power of the social networks and my $5 marketing plan that will make your audience come to you because they want to hear what you have to say.

Maintaining Your App and Going the Distance

Learn the best ways to keep growing your app and your audience as well as how to expand to new markets and platforms. Most importantly, the big secret to long term success!

Guides, Checklists and Illustrated Process

To make everything as simple as possible by clearly mapped out each step from beginning to end with easy-to-follow guides and checklists throughout the book.

Illustrations done by artist and author

Mike Rohde's work is featured in best sellers such as $100 Startup and Rework as well as his own book The Sketchnote Handbook. He has carefully illustrated the entire app process as well as created illustrations for each chapter.

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Idea to iPhone is available at all major book shops in both hard copy and e-reader format. Get a copy and make it 'appen!

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An easy-to-read & fun guide for anyone with a killer app idea

Simple and affordable way to shift your idea into a top-selling app that appears on iPhones and iPads all over the world. You might not have created anything artistic since grade school or know the first thing about software development, but you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and make the most of your greatest talents -- this book will show you how.

Plus interviews with the most successful app developers
Learn from the very best app developers on the planet. Included are interviews with incredible folks who have created amazing apps that blasted the App Store charts, including tap tap tap, Tapbots, Montessorium, Weetaps, and creators of Lose It and Wood Camera, and Letterpress. They share their secrets, mishaps and remarkable advice for anyone considering creating apps.
  • Discover how to breath virtual life into your app idea without a lot of cash or coding skills!
  • "Something all potential app creators should read!"

    TUAW   /

  • Simple and affordable ways to shift your idea into a top-selling app that appears on iPhones and iPads all over the world.



Carla White launched her first app, Gratitude Journal, in 2008 and her life changed forever when it instantly shot up to #1 and was hailed in major news publications around the world—all on a meager $500 budget. She created a successful formula to bring app ideas to market faster and to take iTunes by storm—all without breaking the bank.

Today Carla runs her app agency Happy Tapper, where she creates life changing apps as well as offers consulting and design services. She is on a mission to show everyone how to find happiness through gratitude and giving back as well as motivating women to succeed.

"Do what you love to help others succeed, and you will always love what you do."

When I started, I owned a flip phone, had no programming skills, and worked at a job so remote the building was in the middle of cornfields. For the longest time, blogs or books for app developers simply didn't exist. And because I was financing everything myself, I had to hold down my day job, too.

Over the years app designs continue to get better and the competition fiercer. Still, my overall formula for creating apps remains the same. If you can draw a circle, you can design an app. And if you can tell a story, you can build an audience.

Who should read this book
This is a non-technical guide written for

for people whom I like to call “ideapreneurs”—folks who come up with innovative and breakthrough ideas but don’t know how to design or build them.

What you will learn
  • ✓ Invent positively addictive app ideas
  • ✓ Design an app that's both gorgeous & effortless to use
  • ✓ Hire quality developers you can trust & afford
  • ✓ Harness the power of social media & make your app famous



Idea to iPhone is going to the printers as you read this, so the people we admire and respect haven't had a chance to review it yet. But here's what a few people had to say about Carla's original guide, which was half the content as her new book.

If you are a writer or journalist and would like a copy of Idea to iPhone for review, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.


"I would have gone mad without this book!"

Nick Cernis, Spiffing Apps


"Easy to follow, straight forward, and just what I needed to get my app off the ground!"

Shelby Meinzer, PhotoNest


"Even my 11 year old was able create an app! Great tips!"

Jeff Voorhees, Math Time


"Her book was especially helpful in the beginning when we were so unsure."

Justin Maples, Emily's Girl Talk
  • While some say that striking it rich comes down to pure luck and that the gold rush is over, I disagree. There’s actually a formula to creating successful apps and still plenty of unexplored territory out there to apply it, making this an opportunity open to everyone, including you.

    Carla White  /   creator of #1 app Gratitude Journal

  • The important thing is first building something that people want or need, then word of mouth will take you pretty far.

    Loren Brichter  /   creator of #1 app Letterpress

  • Do it because you love it. If you're passionate about it, jump in with everything you've got and enjoy the ride.

    John Casasanta  /   founder of award-winning tap tap tap



The resources below will help you through some of the examples in the book as well as with your own app projects. To get the most of these resources, it's essential you read Idea to iPhone. You will need the latest version of Adobe Reader to view the PDF's.

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Whether you’re so passionate about an app idea that it robs you of sleep, your boss asked you to create one, or you just want to figure out how to do it, there's finally a process so anyone achieve their app dreams!


Available at all major booksellers

Idea to iPhone is offered in both hard copy or e-reader format at your favorite bookseller now. Finally, a guide for the rest of us.

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